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About the Author, Godfrey Coppinger

Godfrey Coppinger and Lily

Godfrey Coppinger is a five-year-old cleverly disguised as a little old lady. She is a life-long doodler, scribbler, and storyteller. She loves to sing songs, make music, and dance. Godfrey looks funny when she dances, but she doesn’t care.

She lives on an ant hill in Tarpey Village, near Fresno, California with a leprechaun, an auntie, three dogs (one of whom is a retired pirate) and two cats.

She likes to spend time in the mountains. Alone.

She has never ridden a horse or an elephant, but both are on her bucket list.

She is variously known as The Frog Queen of the San Joaquin, Woman-Who-Runs-With-Lizards, and Teacher Goofball.

Godfrey is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, The National Storytelling Network, and the Fresno Folklore Society.

Godfrey Coppinger Scrolling Arrow
Godfrey Coppinger's Cowboy Girls by Rissa

Cowboy Girls by Rissa

“There’s nothing to do” is a phrase never spoken by Rissa and her sister, Steph. Curiosity and imagination are the name of the game for these two girls as they romp through the day and into the night, chasing cows, dragons, and aliens.

Godfrey Coppinger's Buffalo Herd Cover

Buffalo Herd

“Buffalo Herd,” has been called “… a quirky reinterpretation …” of the folksong “Hush Little Baby,” which Godfrey calls “A sweet little song for sweet little children.” But Godfrey has worked with children all of her life, as a teacher and as a performer, and she knows that, more often than not, children are more like a whole herd of buffalo! The cut paper illustrations are distinctive and delightful, evoking the mood of each verse.

Godfrey Coppinger's Petunia's Airplane

Petunia's Airplane

Lucy’s little dog, Petunia, didn’t chase cars like other dogs. She chased airplanes. That wasn’t a problem… until the day she caught one.