The Birthday: A little late, but everyday is a new birthday.

The photos above: With Chris Estep at the Book Barn. He’s my own personal web designer.

The second is with Lyn Meredith at Salsa’s Cantina.

Ah, yes. I promised to tell you about my birthday. I went to work thinking I was working an 8 hour shift because so many people were off for graduations and honeymoons and seeing their husbands who had been deployed for 8 months. I had asked for the day off. I couldn’t be accommodated, so… I volunteered to work longer. Oh well. However… Another teacher said she would come in so I got to leave at my regular time. But… before I left, our director ordered pizza for everyone because we all stepped up to help when needed. I also brought cheesecake to share with everyone for my birthday.

After work I went home and rested and read my book (The Witch’s Boy” by Kelly Barnhill).

Then I took a cheesecake to the Book Barn to share with my friends there.

It was supposed to be the night for our writer’s critique meeting, but it was only Lyn Meredith and me, so we canceled the meeting and went out to dinner at Salsa’s Cantina in Clovis.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. At work I went into the Preschool 3 play yard, sat on a bench, and announced, “I’m going to sit here and pout until someone makes me a birthday crown.”

Teacher Sheri said she would be delighted to make me a birthday crown. Everyone needs to know that Teacher Sheri is one of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever met.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pout soon enough and there wasn’t enough time for the kids to decorate it. But that’s OK, because when I got to the Book Barn, Peggy and Michelle brought me stickers to put on it – flowers and snowflakes!

Anyway, back to Salsa’s Cantina with Lyn…

I wore my birthday crown, of course, and the waiter asked if I wanted them sing happy birthday to me later. You don’t think I said no, do you?

Lyn and I had a lovely time chatting about this that and everything and eating good food in  great atmosphere.

Then the waiter came out and asked for my ID to make sure it was really my birthday. I thought “Just for a happy birthday song?” But I showed him my driver’s license because it was, in fact, really my birthday.

Then they came out to sing (Boom! Bang! Cha cha cha!) and brought a lovely ice cream dessert  with whipped cream and bananas and cornflakes. I’d never thought of putting cornflakes on ice cream before. It was… interesting.

Having just eaten a big dinner, we only made it about half way through the dessert.

Then… Lyn really wanted to see my workspace at home.

I am not a good housekeeper. I was a little hesitant, but Lyn is a friend and I knew she wouldn’t judge me.

The problem was Lily. She is not used to having company and she didn’t want Lyn to be there. Lyn thought Lily was just bumping her leg with her nose, but it turns out Lily was nipping at her leg. No skin was broken, but at that point I put Lily out into the back yard.

(An interesting side-note: When Brian returned from Ireland after five weeks, Lily didn’t remember him and didn’t want to let him in the house.)

Before it got dark I showed Lyn around the yard. She loved Aunt Carleen’s area. Aunt Carleen is our resident gardener and she has her place looking like a little fairy garden.

It was a good birthday.