The Forced Retirement of Mountain Woman, Part One

I spent days getting everything together for my mountain retreat. I had many, many books. I had paper and canvas and paint and markers. I even took my little light table. I had my laptop and notes for several stories.

I took plenty of food and warm clothes.

I was prepared for seven days of reading and creating.

The excitement was overwhelming. The only thing I was worried about was whether or not Ms, Turtle was able for the trip. For those of you who may not know, Ms. Turtle, is my 1998 (forest green) Plymouth Voyager. She has been a wonderful, comfortable, reliable vehicle for nearly 20 years. Until recently. Recently, well…

(I started to write all about the elderly Ms. Turtle’s ailments, but decided against it. This post is about the elderly Ms. Coppinger’s ailments.)

Ms. Turtle made it up the mountain just fine. I promised Brian that I would call from Shaver. M cell phone doesn’t work up there. Although I couldn’t find a pay phone, and the store guy wouldn’t let me use the store phone, a very kind lady handed me her cell and walked away to do her shopping. I wish I had asked her name. I didn’t, but I did give her a hug.

Lily and I made it out to Camp Fresno without incident. Dinkey Creek is 13 miles of twisty-turny roads lined with trees and rocks. I love rocks. It’s a beautiful drive.

I was going to wait until the next day to unload everything from the car, but decided to do it and get it over with. I usually start by wiping all the shelves and other surfaces, then setting up my books and supplies so everything is lovely and organized. Unlike my office at home.

This time I just hauled everything in and set it wherever.

Then I sat down to read.

I finished most of “Dream With Little Angels.” I’ll be writing a review some time, but not now.

I was worried that Lily would bark at any noise she heard, but she was really tired and went straight to sleep. And it was very quiet. I was told by Mercedes, the camp host, that there were coyotes, but Lily and I neither saw nor heard them. We had a comfortable night with two quilts on the bed, and woke up cozy and warm the next morning.

To be continued…