The Great Valley Bookfest, October 14,1017!

Notes From the Fourth Floor of the Hampton Inn, Manteca, California

OK, so where should I start?

Well, let’s just say I bought  a lot more books than I sold. That’s because I didn’t sell any. I sold one “Watermelon Seed” CD for $5.00.

But I bought other people’s books.

I’m not supposed to be buying books. I’m supposed to be getting rid of books.

I was honored to be on a panel of children’s authors and illustrators. We talked about how we got started writing, where our ideas came from, what advice we would give to people who want to write for children, and how long it takes to write a book.

The one problem I had with the panel discussion is that there were no steps with which to get on the stage. I was offered assistance, but these days I’m too concerned about falling and re-injuring myself. So… I sat on the edge of the stage, kicked off my shoes, and dangled my toes. It was a good panel discussion.

I bought a book from each of the panel members.

Jose Lucio and Daniel Wentzel, an author/illustrator team from Georgia who are on a book tour right now, so we were very lucky to have them. The book I bought from them is  “Free Rain” It has chickens in it. You know I love chickens. Also bought a button with an angry chicken face on it. I thought it looked just like Teacher Cranky Woman – or should I say Teacher Cranky Chicken.

Gary Dei Rossi was the moderator, charged with keeping us all within the time constraints. He was very good at. He even kept ME from taking over. His book is called “The Napping Quilt., A Family’s Story of Coming to America.”

T. E. Watson’s book is “Light and Stone: Essays on Writing and the Realities of Publishing.”

Penny Warner has written a series of books about “The Code Busters Club.” There are a bunch of them and it was very difficult to decide which one I wanted. So, I didn’t buy one. I bought two. You see, one had skeletons in it and the other had Alcatraz. It was a conundrum, which I solved by buying both.

I also bought two other books.  “DESTA and King Solomon’s Coin of Magic and Fortune” by Ethiopian author, Getty Ambau. It looks like a great adventure, and Getty was charming and had a firm handshake.

Last, but not least, is “Fingiggly” by Kathy Goosev Howell. It has aliens. You know I like aliens as much as I like chickens.* I bought the book and went back to my table to read it. Then I had to go back and buy another one, because I knew my great grandsons, Jaxson and King Henry, had to have one. And I couldn’t give them mine. Because… it’s mine.

So, there you have it. Those are my adventures at the Book Fest. After the day I went back to the fourth floor of the Hampton Inn, wrote this blog, and continued reading “The Talents of Bet” by Steven Hammond. When it got dark I sat at the window drinking wine and watching the bicycle security guard ride ’round and ’round the parking lot. I’m easily amused.

No, I didn’t make any money, but it was so wonderful being around all those other writers and illustrators.

Oh, I forgot to tell you – they gave me a bottle of wine for my participation in the author’s panel!

*I think I’m going to have to write a story about alien chickens from outer space.