Happy Adoption Day, Dear Lily!

They trimmed her whiskers – now she has whiskers like a Schnauzer.


One year ago today, Lily Sue Jones-Laroux, Celtic-Cajun Queen of the High Seas (retired) came to live with us. She walked in and immediately took over the whole household. She had already taken over my heart, even before I actually met her. The picture above was posted by my friend, Anita Morris, shared from the Elder Paws Senior Rescue site. She thought, “Poor little dog. Who’s going to adopt an old one-eyed dog?”

Ummm… That would be ME!

I mean, just look at that face! And she’s a Corgi mix.

I love Corgis. I lost my Jack four years ago and I still miss him terribly.

Jack was a big Corgi mix. Lily is a little Corgi mix. I loved his one-ear-up, one-ear-down,

I saw her picture and went into the living room to talk to Brian. I said, “I know we don’t need another dog, but can I have her?”

Brian (who is just as goofy about critters as I am) rolled his eyes and said, “Yes.”

I said “Really?”

He said “Really.”

I said, “Really? I can have her?”



He said, “Yes, but if you ask again I’ll say no.”

I didn’t ask again.

To get her I had to fill out a lot of paper work. They wanted to know if I had any experience with senior dogs. I had to laugh at that. Pokey was 12 years old and Katsu (who is no longer with us, but would have been 19 years old on August 19) was 18. Lily, at 8 years old, would be the puppy of the family. They also had to come out and inspect our house and yard to make sure she would be safe.

She really hadn’t been very safe up to that point. She was taken to Abby Pet Hospital by her previous owner with major injuries. She had been attacked by dogs – although, knowing Lily, I’m sure she was the aggressor. She’s aggressive with other dogs, especially BIG dogs. She’s only a little girl (19 pounds) but with a lion’s heart.

Previous owner didn’t want to pay for the extensive surgery, so told Abby Pet Hospital to ‘put her down.’ They wouldn’t do it. They performed the surgery and kept her at the hospital for six weeks while she healed.

I love you Abby Pet Hospital. I would take all my critters to you – except Clovis Pet Hospital has taken excellent care of all our critters for nearly 25 years.

Then they turned her over to Elder Paws Senior Rescue, who, in turn, gave her to Mark Stuebner to foster until she found a home. Poor Mark. He was very sad to let her go. He has since fostered another doggie, Sadie. It is no surprise to me that he didn’t let Sadie go – he adopted her.


No one knows how she lost her eye. She’ll probably tell me about it some day, but she hasn’t yet.

Lily has already shown up in one of my stories, “Journey to the Magic River.” I’m sure she’ll be in more, especially when she tells me, finally, how she lost the eye.

On September 8 we will be going to the mountains together. I know we can find ourselves an adventure to write about while there.

So stay tuned!