Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to friends and family around the world, and around the corner

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!

This is a small painting I did a few years back. I also did an intricate embroidery of it. I did the painting for my friends Alberta and Gordon Herrick.

As many of you know, I met my husband, Brian, when I was on vacation in Ireland in 1984. He ruined my whole vacation, so I had to marry him, to get even.

He says I’m doing an excellent job.

I lived with him there in Listowel, County Kerry for six years. It was an interesting time. I had the opportunity to participate in every-day life. I worked as a cleaner at the Kerry Co-op, as home help for several elderly people, at the Sports Center in the park, at (my favorite job) the North Kerry Old Folks Home.

Oh, we had some good times there.

Jack Dineen was once a dancer, and, as I was mopping the floors in the hall, he would come along and say, “I’ll show you a few steps.” On the wet floor. At age 90 something. I was scared to death that he was going to slip and fall. But he never did, because, of course, he was a professional.

And then there was Birdie. She was always waiting at the door with her coat and purse, ready to go home. And sometimes someone coming in, who didn’t know any better, would let her out. Fortunately she was slow, and she never got very far before we went to get her.

There was one old fella, I can’t remember his name, who would watch me closely, and if I wasn’t paying attention, he would pee in my mop bucket – even when it was right outside the bathroom door. Then I would have to refill it.

Those were good times. When I left, my friends, Geraldine and Sheilah, gave me a ceramic clown. Now, why would they do a thing like that? I’m not silly or anything.

One Saint Patrick’s Day I got to be one of the judges for the parade. That was a great honor.

I told stories and sang songs at the schools and at Teach Siamsa (Tok Sheemsa), which means “House of Entertainment,” in Finuge, a village a few miles from Listowel. I also performed regularly at several pubs, including Finucane’s and the Harp and Lion.

Since I had to look it up to make sure I had the correct spelling (I did), I thought I would go ahead and share this, from Wikipedia.


River Feale at Finuge Crossing

Finuge (Irish: Fionnóg) is a village near Listowel in County Kerry, Ireland. Finuge is a traditional Irish crossroads village with a shop, a pub, Teach Siamsa and a G.A.A. pitch. Sheehan’s Thatched House located at Finuge Cross is regarded as one of the oldest surviving authentic thatched houses in Ireland. Conservation experts estimate it at least 300 years old.

The village’s name is derived from Préachán, meaning crow.

Just so you know, I LOVE the River Feale.

Brian and I will be moving back there within the next year. I’m looking forward to it, seeing old friends, and making new ones.

Now, for your entertainment pleasure, here’s a game I made.

I like to make games. I’ll share some more soon.