Holy Moly! A week from tomorrow is Christmas!

How did this happen? Too much is going on! The world is spinning too fast and I might fall off.

Last month I did DaPiDraMo (National Picture Drawing Month) instead of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) because I felt like drawing pictures instead of writing words. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I challenged myself to draw 50 pictures. I think I ended up with 68.

I really shouldn’t call it “National” Picture Drawing Month because I made it up and I was the only one doing it. However, I made it up so I can call it whatever I want.

This month, besides trying to pack and arrange everything for the move to Ireland, I’m doing a 30 day drawing challenge that I found on Pinterest. Last month I did most of the drawings by the normal, everyday, hand-drawing method. This month my challenge is to do all of them in the computer Paint Program. It’s fun, but my shoulder hurts, and the pinky finger on my right hand cramps. Ah, the suffering we do for our art.

On Friday I told stories at a third grade class at Lane Elementary School. It was so much fun! My friend Brandy was the teacher. We used to work together at Saint Agnes. Her class was lively and participatory, and well-mannered, all at the same time. It’s hard to keep kids quiet and sitting down when they are so involved in the story-making process. It’s also unnecessary. Brandy had complete control of her classroom, without being overly controlling. Everyone had fun.

We made up a story from the story bag that started on a Ferris Wheel at the Fresno Fair, took a trip through a black hole to another universe with a bunch of aliens, arrived at a planet ruled by elephants, and ended up back on Earth where everyone had been turned into lobsters while we were away.

But that’s not the end of the story. I challenged the kids to make up an ending for it, because – I’m going back next month!

I read “Cowboy Girls” to them. And talked about the process of writing and illustrating. Next month I’m going to take some of the preliminary drawings to show them.

It was so much fun. I know, I’ve already said that, but it was! Third graders are just the perfect age. They’re old enough that they know a little bit about the world, but not so old that they can’t still be kids.