I promised you aliens, and here they are

I’m not much of a television watcher. I almost never watch on my own, but Brian and Aunt Carleen and I watch together in the evenings. It’s our “family” time.

I am, however, a Star Trek fan. I’ve loved every series and all the movies. I can’t watch the newest series because we don’t have the channel it’s on.

(Thanks to Terrance MacArthur for letting me use this image of his tie.)

But we’ve been watching The Orville, which is a tribute/parody of the Star Trek franchise. It’s not as good as Star Trek, of course, but I’m enjoying it.

I have issues with the latest episode, though, in which Isaac, a synthetic life-form, Dr. Finn, and her two sons crash land on a planet in uncharted space. First of all, I found the behavior of the boys not quite right after their mother is missing. I really don’t think they would continue their bickering in the same way as before. Their mother may be dead. Their reactions were not quite believable.

But that’s OK. Some writers don’t know how to write children very well.

This is my issue: Dr. Finn is rescued by an inhabitant of the planet who locks her up and won’t let her go. There are two reasons for this. First, it’s just not safe out there. The planet has been poisoned, there’s no safe food and water, and everyone else has gone crazy.

Second: The poor man is lonely.

She must, of course, escape in order to get back to her sons.

But why did she have to kill him?

Let me repeat: He imprisoned her to keep her safe, and because he was lonely.

He’s not a bad guy.

I am certain the writers of any of the Star Treks would have found a better way for Dr. Finn to escape without having to kill her captor. He was a good guy, a lonely guy. He shouldn’t have had to die. The writers of The Orville could have used their writerly imaginations to find another way for Dr. Finn to escape the tower.

All of the crazy people trying to actually kill everyone were stunned – not killed – with the phasers.

And in the end, the Orville went back to help cure the crazies on the planet. But the one good guy had to die.

Am I making too much of this? Perhaps. If I had written it, the good guy would have survived.

By the way, you only get one drawing this week. There would have been two, but my drawing of The Orville was just too awful. But I will include it tomorrow. Yes, there will be another post tomorrow because… Well, you’ll find out tomorrow, although, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll already know what NaPiDraMo is all about.