Just trying to figure the whole thing out…

This is a sketch of me called “Waiting For Crows.” Or, it could be called “Waiting For Me To Understand Technology.”

For some reason my blog didn’t post today, so I’m just going to try another one. This post is not about anything, except my frustration with all this computer stuff. So I’m just going to post some random pictures.

Maybe I’ll even mention that the WORLD’S GREATEST ANTHOLOGY is nearly to it’s goal of 100 stories by 100 authors. We still have 4 days and about 20 stories to go, last time I checked. But we beat the previous world record when we passed 50. We still need to sell 1000 copies – I will be posting the link soon for anyone who would like to purchase one.


“Woman With Wings.” Sometimes I wait for crows. Sometimes I fly with them.

Sometimes when the ants go marching  six by six, I march with them, so I can keep the crows from eating them.

I told you the pictures would be random. This is a laughing Maya Angelou. I love Maya Angelou


This is “Godfrey Refusing to Jump Through Any More Hoops. Ah, I remember those days.

This is a Feather Fairy.

In a previous post I shared the paintings I did of Ben and Jake Luna’s Halloween costumes from a few years ago. I have now found the actual photographs. So. There you are.

Oh my! This is from the olden days, probably 1966. I remember sitting under the stars in Vicki’s back yard in the middle of the vineyard making up silly songs like “A Fly Sitteth On My Tonsils.”

That was fun. I may do this more often.

Now, let’s see if it will post…