Making up stories at my very first book launch!

At the Book Barn with Aunt Carleen

My first book launch was incredibly fun. Not a lot of people came, but I got to make up a story with Kaylee and Morgan Comer. They’re the sisters of my former student, Christian Tayar, and they’re really into improvisational stories. They came to a Halloween show at the Book Barn a few years ago and got a taste for making up stories. This time they each brought a story they had written to share with me. Then, although I hadn’t brought my Story Bag, we made up a story anyway. As far as I can remember, it went something like this:

Baby Dean had a dream about a giant bird. When he woke up the bird was outside his window. Dean climbed on Bob the Birds back and they flew off in the direction of London. In the middle of the United States they encountered tornadoes and hurricanes, but they kept going. They stopped to rest in New York in a parking lot between two buildings. Suddenly a door in each building flew open and out ran Santa Claus from one, and Godfrey from the other. Santa and Godfrey ran towards each other, Bob the Bird stepped out of the way.

Morgan and Kaylee Comer

Both Santa and Godfrey shouted, “We need to give Dean his Christmas present early. He’s going to need it.” They looked at Dean and said, “We give you the gift of flight!” And then they ran away.

Dean flew off of Bob the Birds back and over the ocean. Bob followed.

When they were halfway across the ocean they saw dolphins flashing out of the water. Then the dolphins began to fly and followed Dean and Bob the Bird.

They flew to London and landed on Big Ben. The people below began to scream and run away. But the dolphins started singing doo wop songs and one brave person came back. The people came out at sang along.

Dean was tired, so he and Bob the Bird flew home. Dean crawled into his bed and Bob sang lullabies to help him sleep.


This may not be totally accurate, the way we made it up,but it’s close enough.

I was also visited by a young lady named Madelyn.

Of course I had to talk with her. I approached the grandparents (who said later they thought I was going to complain about Madelyn’s behavior) and explained why I was talking to them, that their granddaughter was the living, breathing doppelganger of my imaginary friend. And, of course, I invited them to the book signing. And they came!

I was also very pleased that other local authors came to show their support, The first was Karen Moore, author of “Pen the Tale, Oogie!” Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of her.

Gayle Taylor Davis also came. Her latest book is still in the process of being illustrated by Lyn Meredith.

I thought I had a picture of her, but… Oh well.

I do have a picture of Anne Biggs, author of “The Swan Garden,” which is the next book I will be buying.

(OK. I’m confused. Why can I get some of the photos next to the text and not others? Steep learning curve here, friends. Still workin’ on it.)

Anne Biggs








And then there’s my favorite paparazzi, Steve Hammond. He is the photographer ho took my picture for my website and for the bio in “Cowboy Girls.” He is also the author of “Rise of the Penguins,” which I am currently reading.

Steve Hammond

One must not forget the people who made it all possible Peggy and Dan Dunklee. Don’t have a picture of Dan, but I snapped Peggy when she wasn’t ready. Look at all the work they did – beautiful cake, cookies, balloons!

Peggy Dunklee

If you have not yet been to the Book Barn at 640 Clovis Avenue, get yourself over there! It’s a wonderful place.

Whew! I finally finished. This is definitely the longest blog I’ve written.

Next weekend Lyn Meredith and I will be attending a writer’s conference in sponsored by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.