Oh my goodness! I almost forgot!

(I’ve included random pictures. I didn’t draw anything new because it snuck up on me.)

I was writing about our walk in the park for next week’s blog when I realized I hadn’t written a blog for THIS week.

This is the first blog of the New Year, so I’ve been writing every week, without fail, for a whole year. It’s been fun. I hope it’s been fun for you, although some of my posts have been a little whiny. That’s how I get sometimes. I get over. I hope you get over it, too.

I suppose I should talk about the year in review. 2017 was an extremely interesting year. I started this blog, with a little help from Christopher Estep and my friends at HBE Publishing and the Book Barn.

My first traditionally published book, “Cowboy Girls,” was published by HBE Publishing, and I have more stories waiting in the wings.

I’ve had a great year of sketchbooking and journaling.

Alak and Alas, I had to retire from the Saint Agnes Child Development Center. I had intended to stay until the end of December, but in August (I think) my car, Ms. Turtle, tried to run me down and knock me over. I’m pretty sure I blogged about it, so you can look it up if you’re interested. The Friday before I was supposed to go back to work, I realized that I physically couldn’t do it anymore. So I called my boss and told her I was retiring. This was the beginning of October, I think.

I miss the kids and the teachers, but I go back to visit once in a while. And Mrs. Santa Came back for a visit during their Winterfest.

The big news is that we’re FINALLY moving back to Ireland! I lived in Ireland with Brian for 6 years, and he’s lived here with me for 27 years – he’s READY to go home. He will be leaving on January 24th., but I’m going to stick around for a few months because I promised the Bobos (my twin nephews) that I would be there for their high school graduation.

And there is SO MUCH TO DO!

So, I think I will go do some of it now. These are the Obamas, just because I miss them. Happy New Year.

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