Oh look! It’s Sunday and I haven’t written my blog yet!

Ms. Chicken in Japan

But Sunday isn’t over and I am now going to write.

It has been a difficult month, what with getting run over by my car and the subsequent physical issues, and I’ve really given myself a hard time about not getting any writing done. But I’ve gotten more done than I thought I had. I always do.

Even if the words and pictures don’t always get down on paper, they’re always swirling around in my head. Head work is just as important as paper work. In my head I am working on multiple ideas.

One of the characters I created many years ago is Ms. Caledonia Chicken. I’ve done drawings and paintings of her. I painted “Ms. Chicken Paper Dolls” back in the 70s. That one now graces the wall of my friend and librarian, Barbara Snow. I”m thinking about doing a story about her, about how she wants to escape the boredom of the farm yard:

“Peck, peck, peck. My whole life is nothing but peck, peck, peck.”

I’ve been looking through old sketchbooks and I found some unfinished drawings of “Ms. Chicken in Japan” and “Ms. Chicken as Godfrey.” I also have one of “Godfrey as Ms. Chicken.” I think I can do something with this idea.

I’m also still working on “Regina and the Bird Lady.” It’s difficult because, although I can SEE the course of the story, I can’t find the words to SAY it.

Then there’s “My Rainbow’s Got the Blues.” I don’t even know what that one’s about yet.

I still need at least four more drawings for “Journey to the Magic River.”

“The Storyteller” has stalled. Mostly, I suppose, because I’m spreading myself too thin and thinking about too many projects and the same time.

I gotta pull myself together! Decide what I’m going to work on and WORK ON IT!

Either that or I can go eat some ice cream…

(Also in my list of things to do – get the scanner fixed.)