Is it old age or just an over-active life?

Godfrey and the Gilly Girls

Yesterday was busy, busy, busy. Aunt Carleen and I usually do our shopping on Thursday afternoon, but I took Katsu to the vets instead. We were supposed to do it Friday afternoon, but I had taken Katsu and Lily to the vet at 7:30 and left them there for tests, so I had to go back and get them in the afternoon. By the time I got back home I just didn’t want to go anywhere.

So Saturday morning at 8:30, we went to Winco. Nice time to go shopping, actually, not too many people so it takes less time.

Then at 11:00 I left to go to the Fresno High Wonderful Warriors Luncheon. I’ve missed them the last few months. Somehow my notification for that group got turned off, and then last month I was sick and couldn’t go.

Although usually we go to a restaurant, this time it was a salad potluck held in the most beautiful setting: Finch’s Topiary Zoo in Friant. Mature trees, misters, live jazz duo, lovely people, good food. What more could I ask for? But I must not forget the butterflies and hummingbirds. So relaxing. Thank you Cliff and Joanie Finch for inviting us.

I got home at 1:30. I was intending to go to the Sunnyside Library to see the Gilly Girls with Alberta, but I couldn’t remember if it was at 2:00 or 3:00. If it was at 2:00, I would go, but if it was at 3:00 I was just going to get into my comfortable clothes, read the newspaper and relax. Took a quick look at the flyer and saw the number “3.”

Ahhh, time to relax.

At 2:30 the phone rang. It was Clovis Veterinary Hospital with information about Katsu’s urinalysis: He had a bladder infection and I could pick up his antibiotics any time before 5:00.

Had to get dressed to go out again, and since I was going out again, I may as well go see the Gilly Girls and Alberta!

Walked into the library and Terrance said “It’s over, Godfrey!”

What? It’s over? Damn, how did I screw that up? When I got home I looked at the flyer and there it was – June 3 at 2pm. All my mind saw was the three, possibly because I was exhausted, and my body didn’t want to leave the house. Possibly because I’m just old.


But, no matter. I was there and the Gilly Girls were still there. I didn’t get to see them perform again, but I did get to buy a CD. They are four very nice young ladies, brilliant musicians, gorgeous voices. They are two sets of twins from the same family, the Gillinghams, and if you ever get a chance to see them – DO IT! They play Bluegrass, southern gospel and old-time string band music.

I can’t wait to arrive ON TIME to their next performance.

I’m glad I went, even if I did miss the Gilly Girls, because Terrance McArthur and I had a chance to sit and talk about out upcoming Storytelling Workshop at the Book Barn.

Terrance will begin with a power point presentation about TELLING FAMILY STORIES: Finding the Story; Developing the Story; and Presenting the Story. Then, I will talk about turning those family stories into TALL TALES.

I love tall tales. I love taking an absolutely true incident and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g it until it turns into something wondrously and miraculously weird. I’m thinking about using one of Terrance’s “story starters” and developing a new tall tale.

The first thing on Terrance’s list is “Your first job. ” My first job out of high school was working as an aid at a nursing home. The job was in Clovis, not far from where I live now. It was in a beautiful old home called Wolfe Manor. They say that Wolfe Manor was haunted…

Do you think I could turn that into a tall tale? And… Is it really a tall tale, or… did it really happen?

Look guys! I got my mojo back! I’m not whining – I’m writing and creating and having fun!