One can’t be officially retired until you have the party!

I no longer work for the Saint Agnes Child Development Center. I am now officially retired.

It is both sad and exciting. I now have time to do the things I love.

Oh. Wait. As a preschool teacher I was always doing the things I love! I had the opportunity to sing and play my guitar and harmonica and flute and kazoo. I got to play in the mud. I could tell stories whenever I wanted to.

And hugs. There were always plenty of hugs.

Last Tuesday was my retirement party, and it was a little overwhelming. I managed not to cry until I got home.

The party was from 11:00 to 1:30, although I didn’t leave until after 3:00. Teacher Iris came down the hall as I was leaving and she said “Are you still here? I’ve already said goodbye to you three times!” But it was hard to leave. I love these people. They were so wonderful to work with and they always made me feel important.

I worked there for 15 years. It was a home away from home.

Teacher Pa decorated the staff lounge. The woman should go into the party planning business. She does all the decorating for special events and they’re always wonderful.

There were sandwiches and cakes and cookies and candy, oh my!

And gifts!

They know that I’ll be traveling, so they didn’t get me ‘stuff’ that I needed to carry. I got 4 gift cards (very generous gift cards!) for Starbucks, Shell, and AirBnB! Teacher Karen and Teacher Gwynn have been retired for a long time, but they both showed up for my party. I felt so honored.

My favorite gift, though, was the book: All of the teachers and many of the children drew pictures and wrote words. I’ll share a few of the children’s drawings now, and one’s from the teachers at some future date.


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