It’s One of Those Weird Rambling Types of Days…

I’m supposed to write a blog today. If I don’t do it now, it will be late, and I don’t think I’ve been late yet. Although I try to post by Saturday afternoon, as long as it gets posted by Sunday evening, all is well. Looks like I may just be rambling for this week.

Brian headed off for a six week stay in Ireland on April 19, so I’m on my own, which mostly means not cleaning up after myself and not eating right. Someone said “Oh, your husband’s gone – you won’t have to cook!” I explained that I seldom cook anyway. Brian’s the cook in the family. As a matter of fact, he cooked up a bunch of meals for me before he left. He knew that I wouldn’t be eating properly. But those meals are pretty much gone. I treated myself to chow mein from Panda Express last week. Last night I had a frozen pizza. It was tasteless. Tonight I think I’ll just make myself a bean and cheese burrito,

There were lots of things I was going to do while he was gone. I’ve sorted through a bunch of files and I’m putting them in boxes marked: photos; family; writing; art. I need to get it done before Brian gets back because it’s all spread out on the coffee table, which is Brian’s domain.

I did a little bit of sewing today. A few months ago one of my favorite dresses got ripped up in the washing machine. Don’t know how it happened. So I pinned patches to it and the dress and the sewing machine have been sitting on the dining room table for a month. Decided to work on the repair today, but got frustrated when the needle broke. So I put the machine away and I’ll do the rest by hand.



That’s the kind of mood I’ve been in lately. It didn’t help that as soon as Brian left I got sick with TWO different maladies. But that’s not an excuse anymore because I’m well and I SHOULD be doing something. I’m not writing. I’m not drawing. I’m not doing much of anything.

OK, so now I’m not just rambling, I’m whining, too! Somebody bop me in the head or give me a good talkin’ to.

Next week I PROMISE a better blog post. Right now I’m going to draw a picture of myself eating over the kitchen sink.

Oops. That didn’t work. My printer says it isn’t connected to the computer, so the drawing I did isn’t here. Sooo… I did one in the paint program because I don’t feel like dealing with the computer and printer right now.