Should you participate in NaNoWriMo next year?

Ack! I just realized I didn’t post my blog this weekend! It was all written, but…

There are many good reasons to write a novel in a month.

I did it once. I have the certificate to prove it. I wrote well over 50,000 words in 2009. They were, for the most part, not very good words, at least not in the way they were put together. But I did it. I sat down every single day and wrote at least 2000 words, just to prove I could do it.

The only person I needed to prove that to was ME.

I’m not a novelist. I write picture books. But I did it because it was a challenge. I like a good challenge.

This month I didn’t feel like writing a lot of words so I created NaPiDraMo, National Picture Drawing Month. Yes, it’s a horrible word, but it’s wonderful in it’s horribleness. SInce a picture is worth a thousand words, I challenged myself to draw 50 pictures this month. It’s November 29 and I am currently at 63 1/2 pictures. Some of them are not very good, but some of them have distinct possibilities for future projects.

And yes, I know about Inktober where you draw a picture a day, but I missed it. Maybe I’ll do it next year. Or maybe I’ll do NaPiDraMo again, but make it a REAL sister to NaNoWriMo and draw 50 pictures on one theme, one story.

This year was just random drawings. And there’s something else to consider, my friends: It may be somebody else’s game, but go ahead and make your own rules. All they count is the words, they don’t look at the novel itself. So… If you write non-fiction, write 50,000 words of non-fiction. Write random essays on whatever you choose. MAKE UP YOUR OWN RULES! You’re not being graded on this, you are simply challenging yourself.

Are you a poet? Write a novel in poetry! Margarita Engle does it. Or 50,000 words of random poetry, or poems on a single them, or…or…Just do whatever you damn well please. It’s YOUR writing. Challenge yourself. Break some rules. Make up some new rules. Have fun. Gee willikers.

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to talk about reasons not to. There is one I can think of : You don’t want to.

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