Performances and Workshops

Performances and Workshops


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Songs, Stories, and Other Eccentricities

Stories from around the world and around the corner
Old tales and new tales, fairy tales and true tales
Sometimes YOU get to help make up the stories

Godfrey Coppinger has been a freelance storyteller since 1980. She has performed stories. poems, and songs at book stores, festivals, museums, pubs, schools, childcare centers, and private parties – anywhere she can find a listener.

Godfrey’s performances include original tall tales, and songs and stories from literature and world traditions.

Also included in most performances are improvisational stories made up with the help of the audience. This invariably turns out to be the listener’s favorite part of every performance – because they are listeners no more, but active participants in creating a story.

Sing Along with Mrs. Santa

Godfrey Coppinger as Mrs. Claus

Christmas songs and stories for the Holiday Season! Mrs. Santa Claus provides song books so everyone can join in on their favorite songs. If she’s not required to keep the noise down, she will also provide a variety of percussion instruments (drums, rattles, pots and pans, shakers, wash boards) for all participants, young and old. And don’t forget  you can celebrate Half Christmas in June!


“Godfrey’s presentations will captivate and engage new and experienced early childhood educators. As a storyteller, songwriter and author her presentations showcase her spirited, fun and witty style. Together with Godfrey, attendees will be singing, dancing and learning. Her beliefs of how storytelling promotes creativity, language and literacy in young children will have an immediate impact on staff and provide new strategies for teachers to use in the classroom immediately. Godfrey has been a frequent guest presenter in Early Childhood courses and ECE Conferences at Fresno City College for over 10 years and attendees always leave cheering for more.”

Raquel R. Ochs-Instructor Fresno City College Child Development Department November 2016

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The Basics of Storytelling

Telling a story is not as hard as you may think. We do it every day: The dog ate my homework; Guess what happened to me on the way to work this morning? But, if you want to tell a formal story, we will cover the basics in this workshop.

What makes a good story to tell?

Do I have to memorize all the words?

What about ‘stage fright’?

This workshop can be as short as 30 minutes, or as long as a week-long (or longer) residency. Depending on the time frame, we’ll talk about different kinds of stories, from myths, tall tales and literary stories, to personal experience and impromptu stories. We’ll discuss how to involve the children in your stories, and how to incorporate music.

From Classroom to Playground: Using Music and Stories in all Aspects of Childcare

Music and stories are not just for group time. In this workshop we will discuss the use of music and stories throughout the day in a childcare setting: on the playground, during transitions, waiting for the bathroom, at nap time, etc.

Making Up Stories With Children

Other People’s stories are great, but it’s so much fun to make up our own! In this workshop we will (you will?) learn several techniques to use with small groups of children. Bring your imagination!

Making Music With Children

An introduction to the many ways music can be presented to children. Includes information on constructing musical instruments with, and for, children, and what to do if you think you are non-musical.

Creative Dramatics

Improvise plays and puppet shows for performance or just for fun. Learn how to re-write stories for your age group and for multiple performers. Gain strategies to redirect the children’s natural exuberance so everyone can have a good time.

Let's Play a Story!

The “Creative Dramatics” workshop is also available for pre-K to elementary school as “Let’s Play a Story.” For young children we will choose a story everyone knows and learn how to tell it. For older children we can make props and use them in our play.