Random Mid-Week Posts – A New Category

Whoo hoo! I’m learning stuff. I successfully rotated the picture. For some reason, my computer likes to put them in upside down, but with the instructions from my web designer, Christopher Estep, I can do it ALL BY MYSELF. Of course, I had to look up the instructions again, but after a few more times I won’t have to. It needs to be cropped, but, well, I don’t have time. I’m not even supposed to be doing a blog. I’m supposed to be cleaning off my work table so I can find all the bills that need to be paid.

I’m having arguments with the “Analysis” about how many words I should put in my post. Since I’m arguing with her, I had to name her. She is Annie Alysis. I win all arguments, of course.

Sometimes I just want pictures. No words. At least for the mid-week posts, which will be random pages from my journals and sketchbooks.

If I want to make Annie Alysis happy, I need to write 129 more words.

Now it’s 127.

Now it’s 123.

Should I continue…?