The real world wandered over to me yesterday



Yesterday was Yard Sale Day. I puttered around the day before trying to get things together, but, although I’m feeling much better, I was still soooo slow, and my back was hurting trying to move boxes of books. And there weren’t even that many. It just seemed to be a mish-mash of stuff, but I guess that’s the definition of a yard sale. I really didn’t feel prepared.

Saturday morning I got up at five and went out to set up some tables, only to find that Brian had gotten up in the middle of the night and set them up for me!

As soon as it got light I went down the street to put up signs. It is my position that people try to put too much information on their yard sale signs. Especially in my area, an address isn’t necessary, and the people in cars can’t read small print very well anyway. I attached a sign with a south facing arrow where the west-going traffic could see it, and one where the east  going traffic could see it. All the sign said was SALE with an arrow. Then at the top of Saginaw I set up a wooden box with an arrow pointing in my direction.

I really thought I didn’t have enough out to make any money, but I was wrong. We had a steady stream of customers all morning and I made $150! And I didn’t even put out much of the good stuff and I was letting things go real cheap. And that was the whole point of the sale: Letting things go.

It also helped that my partners in crime brought things for me to sell, too. Randy and Anita, and Terrance and Marilyn,  came and stayed with me all day. It was fun just to sit around and talk. Alberta and Gordon stopped by for a while, but Alberta had to be somewhere . I don’t spend enough time with my friends. Oh yeah, and Randy and Anita brought two boxes of donuts – we were giving away donuts with every purchase!

I gave lots of things away. A woman saw the shepherd’s hook with a hummingbird that we hang our bird feeder on. It had a big butterfly attached to it. She had tears in her eyes when she told me that butterflies were her late mother’s favorite and hummingbirds were her late father’s. Seeing them together was emotional. Well, I couldn’t give her the hummingbird, because it was Brian’s, so I gave her the butterfly. She went away happy.

And sometimes I TRIED to give things away, but failed. My friend, Brianna from work came and took some books and pots and pans. It was obvious that she was getting them for the kids, so I wouldn’t take her money, However, as I was cleaning up afterwards, I found a five dollar bill under the donut box! I was a little baffled, but Brianna told me later on Facebook that it was from her. Silly girl. She didn’t even take five dollars worth of stuff!

I got to meet the sister and nieces of my friend Connie. They told me they had just come from the Book Barn, so I knew they were my kind of people. The girls got books and other things.

It was just a fun and exhausting day.


This doesn’t have anything to do with the yard sale. It’s a picture of my great grandsons Jaxson and Henry, because I miss them.

I really must get my scanner fixed.