THE SAND DWELLER: Humans and Demons, and Battles Oh My!

I walked into the Clovis Book Barn and said to Derrick, “I need a book. Do you have any here?” He looked around and said, “Yes, I think we might have one or two.”

(For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Book Barn, it’s two stories of books, books, and more books. And then there are some books, too. Not to mention that they have a warehouse somewhere that’s full of – BOOKS!)

I said, “What do you recommend?”

Without skipping a beat, he picked up a book on display in front of the register and said, “Here, read Molly’s book.”

So I did.

Molly is Molly Neely, a self-described lifelong reader who decided to make the transition to writer.

I’m glad she did.

“In the ancient mountains of the Sinai desert, a child is born. The half human son of the devil’s greatest general, Malachi grows up with one foot in the human world, and one in the darkest pits of Hell itself.”

If that description on the back of the book doesn’t draw you in, I don’t know what will. The story has all of my favorite themes: fantasy; adventure; battles between good and evil.

This is an engaging book with well-formed characters and an interesting premise. My biggest gripe is that I think it could have been longer. I would like to have known more about Malachi’s life alone in the desert. Was Ra sitting around waiting to get at Malachi? I think not, he would have been sharpening his skills for battle.

I was a little miffed when Malachi wouldn’t tell Ra what happened to Balthazar, but I needn’t have worried. Molly wouldn’t leave that out. Ra didn’t need to know, and she told US later.

And speaking of Balthazar, I would like to have had more details about how and why he – no. Wait. That might be considered a spoiler.

I do a lot of my reading a before I start work, and during my break. One of the ways I judge a book is: Do I flip through the pages to see how long the next chapter is. Do I have time to read it before I have to go back to work?

Yes? Then I read another chapter.

No? Then I probably read another chapter anyway. I have a trophy from college for speed reading, It’s not my favorite way to read (I’d rather savor the well-written words) but I gotta find out what happens next!

The Sand Dweller met that criteria.

So what if I’m a couple of minutes late back from my break?

Please don’t tell my boss I said that.