The SCBWI Traveling Sketchbook!

What a wonderful idea!

North/Central California SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) Traveling Sketchbook project was inspired by a quote from Kate DiCamillo. They didn’t really say what the quote was, unless it’s the theme for the Traveling Sketchbook, which is, “Stories Connect Us”.

You know how much I love stories.

My first picture is a re-drawing of one I drew while at the Children’s Book Festival in November at the Clovis Book Barn. This man sat down to look at a book and stayed long enough for me to draw him. Usually people move before I’m finished. The most challenging part was writing the names of people I know and love on the book spines.


Picture number two is a scene I see every day: Brian on his couch, remote in hand, Pokey at his feet. He naps with the remote in his hand. I’m not allowed to touch it, except on special occasions. I originally drew this one for NaPiDrawMo (National Picture Drawing Month, a competition of my own making and I was the only one competing), but Pokey wasn’t in the original – because he MOVED and jumped off the couch. I got him this time, though. I love just pen and ink, black and white, so I left it that way.


Picture number three is a reimagining of one I did for this month’s Drawing Challenge, which I challenged myself to do in the computer “Paint” program. I have a habit of not connecting lines, which isn’t a problem when I’m drawing by hand. But if the lines don’t meet, and you click “fill,” well, everything that isn’t cut off by connecting lines get filled. I really liked the effect it created, so I left it that way.

But for my third picture in the Traveling Sketchbook, I wanted do do one in cut paper. I love cut paper. Remember “Buffalo Herd?” That one I did entirely in cut paper, including the text. Never again! (Until the next time.)

“Buffalo” was done with black construction paper. I was mentioning to a Japanese parent at school that it was hard to get good paper, especially black paper that was thin and easy to cut. The next day she brought me ALL the black paper from her Origami sets!

Origami paper used to be all patterned, but I found a set at Michael’s that was all solid colors. And of course I had my 50% off coupon.

This picture is called “Fetch.” In the original I was holding my walking stick, but do you know how hard it is to  cut fingers folded around something? I opted to play ball with Lily instead. Lily appears in many of my drawings because she’s my best friend.

She will also be in many stories.

It’s time to hand off the Traveling Sketchbook to the next artist. I’m hoping to do it in person, since she lives here in Fresno.

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