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Godfrey Coppinger's Cowboy Girls by Rissa

Godfrey Coppinger's Cowboy Girls by Rissa

It’s a raffle!

“There’s nothing to do” is a phrase never spoken by Rissa and her sister, Steph. Curiosity and imagination are the name of the game for these two girls as they romp through the day and into the night, chasing cows, dragons, and aliens.

If you would like to win a FREE copy of my latest book, COWBOY GIRLS, all you have to do is sign up on my blog with your email address.

If you’re a winner, I’ll even pay the postage – anywhere in the world! All names will go into a box and I’ll pick THREE winners.

There will also be one extra winner for anyone associated with Saint Agnes Child Development Center.

COWBOY GIRLS will be available late January or early February 2017.


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