A Sunday Afternoon Walk in the Park


Lily and I decided to go for a walk in Woodward Park last Sunday. Aunt Carleen didn’t go because she was feeling under-the-weather. Brian didn’t go because he said it was a miserable looking day. Pokey didn’t go because I can’t handle two leashes AND a walking stick. The walking stick has to go so I don’t fall down.

As soon as we got halfway across town, the sun came out and it became a beautiful day. They lose. Lily and I win.


We walked down to the pond at the south end of the park and along the pretty-much-waterless stream where I used to go with the Saint Agnes school-age kids. There were no crawdads or floating flip flops like we used to see. But Lily found MANY good smells, so many that it was hard to keep walking. We went along one side  all the way up to the twin ponds where the fountains are.

I found the tree-cave where we used to play, and where Brandon Duarte found a blue-bead necklace and gave it to me. I still have it. But they’d trimmed the tree so that it’s not a cave anymore. I was disappointed. It was one of our favorite spots.

We crossed the bridge and I sat on a bench to sketch for a while. Lots of people stopped to pet Lily. Then we headed south along the other side of the stream. We saw lots of squirrels and a woodpecker.


When we crossed the bridge to go back to the car, there were three teenage girls who had set up a hammock  between two trees at the edge of the pond. They wanted to pet Lily and then they asked if I would take a picture of them with their phone. Of course I would. All three sat in the hammock hanging over the edge of the pond. I told them they were going to get all slimy and yucky if the hammock broke and they fell in. They laughed and said they’s take that chance.

They were three lively and lovely girls. Don’t anyone tell me how bad teenagers are these days. We need to remember that they said that about our generation, too, when we were teenagers. And now we’re the old people saying that about a new generation. Well, maybe you are, but I’m not.

We decided to drive the loop around the park. and there it was – the dog park. I hadn’t even thought of the dog park as an option for Lily. She has a tendency to be aggressive with other dogs – especially the ones bigger than she is, but I thought, let’s try it.

So, in we went. I kept her on the leash but there weren’t any problems, just a lot of butt sniffing. We walked around and Lily sniffed and greeted and then… I dropped the leash and kept walking. Lily stayed right by my side and she was a perfect lady. Next time we’ll take the leash off. When she gets more comfortable, maybe she’ll go play.

As we left there was an older couple (older than, me, imagine that!) sitting in their car, just watching the dogs play. Their names were Bill and Sue, but Bill said they like to go by their first initials, B and S. They were fun.

That’s it. I’m all writed out for this week.

Everyone stay out of trouble, OK?

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