The People You Meet When You Travel the Street


I was driving my friend Alison home from work recently. As I pulled up in front of her house, there was a man walking his very large rottweiler on the other side of the street. My window was down, so I remarked, “What a sweet little puppy.”

He looked at me and said, “Y’know, when I got him, he was a chihuahua, but the vet put him on steroids and this,” he said, sweeping his arm the length of the ‘puppy’, “is what I got.”

I laughed of course. How could I not. He reminded me of my daddy and my grandpa – totally tall tale tellers. (Try saying THAT three times fast.)

Then, as Alison got out of the car, he asked “Is that your daughter?”

“No,” I said. “She’s my friend. We work together.”

“Where do you work?”

“At Saint Agnes.”

“Oh, what department?”

“We work in the Child Care Center.”

He rolled his eyes and then he was off again:

“I tell ya,” he said, “I have ten kids and I’ll send eight of ’em to you. None of them are worth much. I can’t get ’em to do anything around the house. I do the cleaning, the shopping, the cooking – everything. They won’t work. All they do is eat everything in the house.”

“You should kick them out and make them get jobs.”

“I tried that,” he said.”I kick them out the front door and lock it.” He shook his head, sadly. “But they always sneak in the back door, or climb in the windows. I just can’t seem to win.”

I laughed.

“You, sir,” I said, “Are a storyteller.”

He smiled a proud smile and said “Why, yes. I am.”

(The analysis for this blog says I’m short sixteen words, so I added these sixteen words.)

This is now going to be more than the required 300 words because… I was working on another story that I wanted to post, using some drawings I did in the Paint Program on the computer, but it won’t let me and I can’t figure out how to change the drawings from whatever file type they are to jpg. They are existing drawings from the past many years. 

So… I went to the Paint Program and drew the above picture to see if I could change it while the drawing was still in the Paint Program. I could.

So, there you have it.

But I STILL want to post the old drawings.

OK. I’m tired. I’m done.

Stay tuned for the winner of the drawing for a free copy of COWBOY GIRLS. That will be tomorrow. Sometime. Whenever I get around to it.