It’s Tuesday Again and I Haven’t Written My Blog!

These are paintings I did of Ben Luna (Edward Scissorhands) and Jake Luna (Killer Clown) in their Halloween costumes a few years ago. Halloween is THE Luna holiday. I was looking for the actual photos, but I found these first. More about Jake and Ben later in this post.

There’s just too much to do, too much to do. I finished “Maggie’s Song” for CEA’s World Greatest Anthology. It’s about 5500 words, way more than I’m used to writing. And, of course, I finished the last draft and promptly lost the file! My mind was too addled at that point to try to found it in the murky depths of the computer, so I just went to draft 7 (which is probably more like draft 12 because it’s the 7th draft since I settled on the title) and re-worked it from that. Then I submitted it and thought “Now I can relax.”

Nope. Not happenin’. Too much to do.

As many of you know, Brian and I will be moving to Ireland soon. Brian will be leaving in November. I won’t be going probably until next spring when the Bobos graduate from high school.

Who are the Bobos, you ask?

They are Ben and Jake Luna, my twin nephews. The last time I was down in Hemet visiting them, one of them (don’t remember which one) said, “You went to Scarlett’s graduation. You went to Thomas’ graduation. If you move to Ireland are you going to be able to come to our graduation?”

I assured him that yes, I WILL BE THERE!

The photo above is Ben and Jake Luna starring in “Boondock Saints.” Or, it could be Jake and Ben Luna. Who knows?


After weighing all my options, I decided the best thing to do is to just stay here until graduation. I’ll be working until the end of the year – only 143 days until retirement – then I will do a little traveling up and down the west coast. There are people I need to see before I leave the country again.

So, besides still continuing to write and draw, I need to pack. We’re going through one room at a time, packing the things that we want to take, Then everything left in that room is for the yard sale.

My office will be the last thing I pack. I’ve already packed some books, only to discover that I need something that’s already in a box. Fortunately, the boxes are numbered and  I have a little book listing what’s in each one.

So, despite what I said only two paragraphs ago, I don’t think I’ll be getting too much writing or drawing done in the near future.

I must remember to book a hotel for the Manteca Book Festival. I can’t even remember what it’s called at this unGodly  hour of the morning. It’s 5:19 and I’ve already been up for an hour.

Too many random thoughts are racing through my head.

I will be taking a vacation in the middle of all this. Only 37 days until I go to my cabin, #39 at Camp Fresno at Dinkey Creek. I must say goodbye to my mountains. I won’t be entirely alone this year because Lily will be going with me. I will have a week all to myself to write and read and draw and think and play my guitar and flute and fiddle and sing and relax.

Is it time yet?