We’re on the upward trail! Singing, singing, everybody singing….

The Upward Trail

Yep. It’s time. Lily and I are headed off to the mountains this afternoon. I’m really excited. Lily would be, too, if she knew what was going on. She’s nervous because she knows I’m going somewhere – she just doesn’t know that she’s going, too.

I’m looking forward to reading lots of books. I have a couple of boxes. Some of them are books that I’ve had for a long time and haven’t gotten around to reading yet. I either have to read them now or get rid of them. After I read them I will let them go – unless they turn out to be keepers.

I went to the Clovis Library on Tuesday and checked out 12 books in several genres. A couple of young adult, some science fiction, some mystery, some fantasy and… I may even have some actual (cue the British accent) lit-er-a-ture in there. On Wednesday, after I finished a morning of singing for my friends at the Saint Agnes Child Development Center, I went to the Politi Library. I wanted a Kelly Barnhill, which I couldn’t find, and I also wanted an Anne Patchett and an Isabel Allende, both of which I found. I also checked out a random book that caught my eye. It’s about Cajuns and the bayou.

Reading to Lily

I’m writing this on Wednesday, and, hopefully, by the time this gets posted, I’ll have the car all packed and ready to go. I have a box of paints and canvas board. Gotta get the markers and paint brushes ready.

Gotta dig out the laptop and put some things I’m working on onto a flash drive.

Ah, a week of writing, drawing, painting, reading, and sitting around doing nothing. A lot of sitting around doing nothing.

Food. I suppose I should take some food with me.

I called the DInkey Creek store to find out if AT&T have taken out the pay phones. They have. Which means I will be pretty much incommunicado for a week.

How sad.

I’ll call Brian on Wednesday to let him know I’m OK. From the Store, if they’ll let me use their phone. From Shaver, if they won’t.

I will tell you all about the amazing adventures we will have when we get back next Friday.