Write. Read. Draw. Paint. Play on Facebook.

Little Old Lady lying in the street

I wrote this last Sunday. Things have happened since then. I won’t go into great detail because I told all about it on facebook. This is the gist:  Monday, I fell (actually I was pushed by my car) and got caught between the open door of my van and the cold, hard ground. Very, very bruised, and very, very sore. Had x-rays on Tuesday, but haven’t heard from the doctor, which is a good thing. It’s Friday and if anything was broken they would have let me know by now. I have pain pills and for the first couple of days I just slept a lot. Now the pain is moving around and I’m not able to lie down without hurting. So, I sleep in my recliner.


I found a place to sit
Cars driving by

I was supposed to go watch Carolyn, my Fairy God Daughter, compete on her horse, Rio, on Saturday, but I’m not going to make it.

Today is the writer’s critique and we were suppose to meet at Lyn’s in Hanford. I doubt if I would be able to drive that far, comfortably, so, since it will probably just be Lyn and me, we’ll be meeting at Panera in Clovis.

Here’s what I wrote last Sunday:

It’s a very crazy time in my life. So, so much to do. I’m trying to get ready for Ireland. I should be packing now. I also need to contact some    international shipping companies for prices. It seems they price by volume rather than weight, which, I think, may be a good thing.

After finishing “Maggie’s Song” I”ve decided to work on “Gone” the novel I started about 10 years ago and then abandoned. I still have my notes and several chapters that I’m still pleased with.

(“With which I am still pleased” just doesn’t sound right, doesn’t sound like something I would say.)

I also need to get everything ready to go to the mountains. While there I will be working on “Gone,” on “Journey to the Magic River” and doing some painting and organizing computer files on my laptop and  portable hard drive. I also need to figure out what “My Rainbow’s Got the Blues” is about.  It may be a poem. I don’t know.

And… Will I ever figure out “Regina and the Bird Lady?” I can see the whole thing in my head, but I haven’t been able to find the WORDS to tell the story. I’m beginning to think it’s a wordless picture book.

And read. I want to read. I have not been reading this year. I’m in the middle of “The Cowboy and his Elephant” and I need to finish it by the end of the month. I don’t know how many times the library will let me renew it. I’ve already renewed it twice because I just haven’t been making time to read. (Update: I finished reading it while waiting to see the doctor on Tuesday.)

I have a stack of books that I want to take with me to Cabin #39.

I will also be taking some old journals. I packed a bunch of them, but I just took them out of the box and put them back on the shelf. There are some drawings and stories in them that I completely forgot about, but I think are worth working on. I particularly want to paint “Ms. Chicken Visits Japan.” There’s an exhibition coming up that wants work that has been influenced by Japanese art. I don’t think Ms. Chicken will make the cut because she’s pretty silly, but I’m going to enter it anyway. But I should do it BEFORE I go to the mountains. The deadline for submissions is September 17. I’ll be back form the mountains on the 15th, but I don’t think waiting until the last minute is a good idea.

Write. Read. Draw. Paint. Play on Facebook.

It’s a busy life.

But I must celebrate: It’s Sunday and I just finished next Saturday’s blog post. Except for the pictures. The pictures will come soon.